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Our products C-MES (Collaborative manufacturing execution system) — the specialized software products intended for the solution of problems of planning, coordination, optimization, synchronization and the analysis of production within your production. C-MES belong to the class of control systems of level of the workshop, but can be used also for the integrated production management at the enterprise in general.

also give to the user tool kit and a know-how for automatic creation of the feasible production schedule

enterprises worldwide already use our tools

Calculation of needs and definition
ways of reproduction of semi-finished products
and products, manufacturing routes and
processing of raw materials and materials

Automated formation
packages of tasks of working centers (1D, 2D,
3D cutting, cutting, furnace, reactors,
capacity, etc.)

Forming the set of alternative
production schedules and timetables
work centers with predefined
optimization criteria

Place of our solutions in the hierarchy of production management systems

We write modules for integration with industrial equipment

(if you do not have standard)


OLAP(OnLine Analitical Processing)


ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning System)


C-MES(Collaborative Manufacturing Execution System)



About company

C-MES Solutions Ltd. develops, publishes and sells business tools and business know-how together in one product. This makes business methods available to our customers who otherwise would not have the necessary level of investment and knowledge of employees to develop such a product. At the same time, we use advanced technologies developed by our highly qualified development team and supported by powerful mathematical optimization algorithms. Our product will help to optimize your production processes, improve production and supply efficiency, as well as improve customer service.

C-MES Solutions Ltd. is a supplier of production planning, detailed planning, production forecasting, which were originally designed specifically for the roll and sheet industries, but can also be used in any continuous and discrete production.

The world of C-MES

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The most important factor in increasing the efficiency of industrial production is the saving of material resources. The saving of materials is a rather complex complex task, in the solution of which it is necessary to take into account constructive, technological and organizational factors.

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