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We the young company founded by the engineer having the 20th summer experience of development and introductions of software products for production planning on various platforms. Leading experts in the areas – development of the software, the system analysis and design of ERP of systems were a part of employees. The skilled consultants for ERP and MES to systems having tens and hundreds of realized projects in a portfolio.

We - financially independent and strong company. Our heads and employees own 100% of the capital and therefore are very interested in development of the company. We have achieved success without loans of technologies, and we have reliable systems of internal control and procedures of audit.

We practice the stage-by-stage process of improvement supported by release of updates 1-2 times a year. Our expenses on research and development make 30% of our sales. We attach huge significance to quality of our software, considering sets of test data which make our intellectual property.

We believe in openness and we share additional information with our clients in difference from competitors.

We the multinational company stimulating a variety which allows to express identity and creative potential of our talented team.

We are proud of flexibility of the range of our production and the fact that we can develop economically effectively to solve individual needs of clients.

We cooperate with some of leaders of branch in our sector, including Intel, Microsoft, Oracle.

We will grow, combining our interests with the interests of our clients.

Our purpose – is as much as possible manufacturing enterprises worldwide using the software of C-MES Solutions Ltd. for production management, than any other.

C-MES Solutions Ltd. it is registered in Great Britain, the registration number 11244685.

C-MES Solutions Ltd. works around the world, with presence in Great Britain, Romania and Russia. To show contacts.