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C-MES:Production management

C-MES:Production management is a production management system (C-MES) of a new generation, ideally suited for manufacturers of metal, film and paper, furniture, etc., operating one or several factories. The system is designed to optimize the planning, execution and control of your production, optimize the internal operations of the plant, while ensuring complete traceability of your products.

The system eliminates redundant documentation in the workshop and provides real-time information updates, allowing you to avoid problems, as well as instantly monitor and respond to deviations occurring in the production process. It improves communication in the workshop, offers customized reports that allow management to assess the state of production and performance.


C-MES:Production management will help you achieve maximum efficiency in the use of equipment, materials and labor. The system easily integrates with process control systems and ERP, which makes C-MES Solutions the leading universal supplier of software in the field of production planning and execution, as well as in optimizing the cutting of roll and sheet materials.



Special features

C-MES:Production management includes a complete set of integrated modules for solving the entire workflow. Designed specifically for the metal, film and paper industries, combining many years of experience with C-MES Solutions Ltd. in these areas, it requires minimal configuration and can be deployed and implemented in less than 12 weeks on the enterprise. Key features:


Why buy C-MES:Production Management?

C-MES:Production management is designed specifically for metallurgy, the production of plastic films, nonwovens and the paper industry, combining C-MES Solutions' many years of experience for such manufacturers. The system requires minimal configuration. Since this is a «boxed» solution, the risk of unsuccessful implementation is much less than the adaptation of other production solutions to the specifics of production, as well as the time required for return on investment is much lower.

It was designed to work in 24x7 mode. Based on Microsoft SQL Server DBMS and Windows operating system, we have extensive experience of integration with most modern ERP systems, as well as process control systems using an OPC server (or direct connection with PLCs) and laboratories, quality control systems and management. warehouse


Functionality Overview

The functionality of C-MES:Production Management includes:

Register and manage customer orders

C-MES:Production management users can place customer orders manually, receive them from other systems, including CRM, ERP systems and from Internet sites.


Production planning and execution

C-MES:Production management users can view the planned schedule in both graphical and tabular format:

C-MES:Production management allows you to control production activities on any equipment or station in the workshop, including, for example, furnaces, continuous metal bottling plants, extruders, paper machines, primary and secondary cutters, and more. other


Traceability and genealogy at all stages, including geometry

C-MES:Production management architecture allows you to track any production operation and easily simulate all processes in a factory. This feature helps in the event of a customer claim.

C-MES:Production management tracks every semi-finished and finished product with a complete change history. An intuitive diagram shows the genealogy and information about each stage of production.


Create and print custom labels

C-MES:Production management automatically prints labels after each operation with fully customizable information and layout, including barcode and RFID. It has built-in support for BarTender® "The World's Most Reliable Label and Barcode Software Provider".


ERP integration

Our customers can demonstrate close integration with the following ERP systems:


Integration with process control system

C-MES:Production management was designed with an extensible architecture to support a wide variety of protocols and devices used in industry.

Customer factories can demonstrate our large collection of interfaces, including:

Quality data collection

C-MES:Production management can collect values ​​for quality characteristics, either from sensors (in real time) to automate process / historical data or by user input.

Similarly, C-MES:Production Management records an arbitrary number of location-specific defects for the production of rolls / sheets / profiles:

Identified defects and the assessment of quality parameter values, depending on requirements based on customizable reaction templates for events, can trigger automatic actions, such as marking elements for re-working or further testing by the quality service.


Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

The OEE module allows users to request historical data to analyze the availability and performance of equipment, as well as the quality of manufactured products. By default, the OEE performance benchmark for the work center is the color coding of traffic, in the three-color mode.

C-MES:Production management records production parameters. This includes collecting information about process measurements, such as caliper, pressure, energy consumption, etc. It also includes a data analysis tool that captures and stores such information. As a result, this tool allows you to:

Transportation and shipment planning

C-MES:Production management plans to transport orders based on specified routes.

Functionality includes:

Warehouse management

All material is addressed and monitored, allowing operators (for example, truck drivers) to know which material to take and where to leave it, regardless of its location, for example: before a conversion operation, in a warehouse or on a vehicle leaving the plant.

C-MES:Production management maintains a hierarchy of production sites, warehouses and storage cells.

C-MES:Production management can interact with third-party WMS systems.

C-MES:Production management supports packaging (grouping of elements), for example, a pallet on which different items are placed. The container can be moved as a whole, and not as separate elements.


Performance and cost analysis and reporting


Shift control


C-MES:Production management created the first advanced planning system designed and created to solve your planning problems and allow you to focus more on your business goals. C-MES:Production management provides short and medium term planning opportunities for your business. The system allows you to simulate complex multistage production processes, organizing tasks at each work center and estimating start and end dates with several limitations.


C-MES:Production management is easily customized for your industry. If you work in industries producing or processing rolled or sheet products, such as: plastic films and flexible packaging, nonwovens, metals, paper and cardboard products, as well as mechanical manufacturing.


The effect of use is achieved in several ways:

In addition, this is achieved: