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About company

C-MES Solutions Ltd. develops, publishes and sells business tools and business know-how together in one product. This makes business methods available to our customers who otherwise would not have the necessary level of investment and knowledge of employees to develop for a similar product. At the same time, we use advanced technologies developed by our highly qualified development team and supported by powerful mathematical optimization algorithms. Our product will help to optimize your production processes, improve production and supply efficiency, as well as improve customer service.

C-MES Solutions Ltd. is a supplier of production planning, detailed planning, production forecasting, which were originally designed specifically for the roll and sheet industries, but can also be used in any continuous and discrete production.

We work around the world. Our strength is a universal high-performance software solution for the planning of production processes of plastic films, roll and sheet materials, pipes, metallurgy, mechanical processing of materials, discrete production, at all stages of production - from smelting, casting, extrusion, packaging planning and cutting (1D, 2D , 3D) with waste optimization, and further processing steps to the delivery of finished products. The planning takes into account the variable specifications and technologies of reproduction, alternative equipment and its modes of operation, the configuration of business waste, maps of possible technological transitions, time and material costs for equipment changeover. The production schedule is synchronized with the schedule of shipments for customer orders and deliveries of orders to suppliers in real time.

We deliver three products:

C-MES:Production management a unified production process control system (C-MES). Full package.

C-MES:Cutting for Laser and CNC is an easy-to-use program for optimizing the cutting of rectangular and free-form parts from metal, wood-based panels, stone, cardboard, etc.

C-MES:SaaS the Web service developed on the platform of our data-processing centers available on the basis of a monthly subscriber subscription. This decision is most optimum for the small and medium-sized enterprises which don't have opportunities for expansion of own server platforms and their maintenance.

At present there is a trial operation of this product. You can participate in her. For this purpose it is necessary to send the application for our e-mail: saas@c-mes.co.uk


Our qualified specialists render consulting services in development, introduction and use of software products for management of productions. We perform on a contract basis works on integration of our decision with your ERP systems and the systems of low level – SCADA/PLC/PAC/IPC.