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C-MES:Production management a unified production process control system (C-MES). Full package.

C-MES:Cutting for Laser and CNC is an easy-to-use program for optimizing the cutting of rectangular and free-form parts from metal, wood-based panels, stone, cardboard, etc.

C-MES:SaaS the Web service developed on the platform of our data-processing centers available on the basis of a monthly subscriber subscription. This decision is most optimum for the small and medium-sized enterprises which don't have opportunities for expansion of own server platforms and their maintenance.

At present there is a trial operation of this product. You can participate in her. For this purpose it is necessary to send the application for our e-mail: saas@c-mes.co.uk


Our qualified specialists render consulting services in development, introduction and use of software products for management of productions. We perform on a contract basis works on integration of our decision with your ERP systems and the systems of low level – SCADA/PLC/PAC/IPC.