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Billing policy

A 30-day money-back guarantee is valid. Customers may terminate the supply of Products and services during this period. A full refund will be paid for not delivered Products and not provided Services paid by the client. However, fees for actually delivered Products and Services rendered, fees for licensing external software will not be refunded under any circumstances. They are strictly non-refundable.


Proportional refund applies when the account is canceled after the first 30 days, but before the next renewal period. The payment will be refunded only for the unused period.


We provide loans or compensation only if the services guaranteed on our website have not been provided and / or the guarantees we give are not performed by us. Compensation, if it meets the criteria, will never exceed the total payment for 1 (One) month, previously paid services by the client.


If the account has been closed due to policy violations, copyright infringements, company ethics violations, complaints received from authorized legal agencies, government departments, spam protection agencies or any other recognized Internet authority, C-MES Solutions Ltd. not responsible for the reimbursement of any expenses. All expenses in this case are paid by the client. We terminate / cancel accounts only after we have evidence supporting the charges / violations.


For any change in contact details, changes in the billing cycle, cancellation or termination of the company's products and services, a written request is mandatory and must be sent using the client’s personal account. Requests to our phone number will not be accepted. It is important for us to authenticate the client before making such requests. All emails must be made from a registered email address.


Account update reminders will now be sent 15 (fifteen) days before the actual update / payment date for the monthly and quarterly billing cycle and 30 days before the actual update / payment date for the semi-annual, annual billing cycle. This is done so that our customers get enough time to pay. The second reminder will be sent before the expiration date, and the third and last reminder will be sent on the renewal date.


A grace period of 5 (Five) days will be granted to all unpaid bills after the renewal / payment date. Products and Services will be suspended on the 6th (Sixth) day of account expiration, and an email will be sent notifying you of the suspension of service. Backup, if purchased / applicable, will be provided only after the payment of contributions during the suspension period, that is, between 6 and 10 days (including both days) of the overdue account.


We can provide up to 5 (five) days after the suspension of the account to pay for the renewal. The account will be permanently closed after the expiration of this additional 5-day period. Once your account has been deleted, we can no longer guarantee the recovery of your data. Although every effort will be made to recover the data after this point, if the bills are paid, there are no guarantees that the data can be successfully restored.


We accept payments through credit cards and bank transfers. We do not accept E-Gold or any other online money transfer method.


We have an automatic debit feature. You can save your credit card details on your billing account, and your credit card will be charged every month on the day you pay your bill. Instructions for storing credit card information is in your account on our website.


For all invoices paid by bank / bank transfer, customers must provide proof of payment. A copy of the payment receipt must be emailed to the billing department. Enrollments for all such accounts will be created only after receipt of payment confirmation. The payment receipt can be scanned and mailed to the billing department. Customers can also take a screenshot of the receipt and send it by mail as an attachment. Payment department email address- billing@c-mes.co.uk.


Cancellation of an account that has been sent and received will take effect after the start of the next billing cycle. For cancellation requests received on or after the renewal date of the service, the invoice will be paid and the cancellation will apply from the beginning of the next billing cycle. Requests for cancellation of an account must be submitted using the personal account of the client site.


C-MES Solutions Ltd. has a very strict process of checking new accounts. All new registrations go through this very strict mechanism. The staff of our verification department will personally call customers who have placed orders for the company's products and services, and will recheck all the information provided when purchasing products and services. The accounts are then processed and activated after the registration is authenticated. Under no circumstances will accounts be activated without verification. C-MES Solutions Ltd. is not responsible for the delay in account activation in cases where customers do not respond to test phone calls. While the account is not activated, the client has access only to advertising and demonstration materials posted on our website.


For further inquiries or clarifications, please contact C-MES Solutions Ltd. billing department. Email address for contacting the billing department: billing@c-mes.co.uk.



If you are registered outside the UK, then you can claim exemption from VAT in the UK. VAT will not be charged on future invoices as soon as we confirm your right to exemption by confirming your address and identity.

Companies based in the EU and having a valid VAT registration number in the EU are eligible for exemption from VAT. British VAT is levied on all other individuals and legal entities of the EU.

If you are outside the EU, as a business or as an individual, you are also eligible for VAT exemption.

Companies registered in the EU as a VAT payer will be required to provide their VAT registration number, which will be verified in the database of the European Commission. The number will also be checked at regular intervals. Any change in VAT status or VAT registration number must be immediately notified to us.

Companies outside the EU must send us their registration information by e-mail or fax, along with their business trading status. The documents must indicate the location of the enterprise.

Individuals outside the EU must provide proof of address and identity. Accepted documents include passports, ID cards and recent utility bills.

When registering, we must charge VAT from your first account; however, if the right to a VAT exemption is confirmed, the VAT charged from this account will be returned in the form of crediting to your payment account, and future invoices will be issued without adding VAT.